What is active investing?

Why active investing is the best share investment strategy for you.

Active investing is a deliberate strategy of reviewing buying and selling opportunities to exploit profit opportunities when they arise. In today’s volatile share market, active investing is an essential strategy to maximise profits and minimise losses.

We analyse every stock on the ASX daily to select the best times to maximise profit opportunities amongst all stocks listed on the ASX. Many investors fall into the trap of only considering stocks on the ASX 200, which only comprises 10% of the ASX.

One cannot go much further than Warren Buffett’s investing rules to obtain sound investment advice: “Rule 1: Never lose money. Rule 2: Never forget Rule 1.”. Buffett lost money like the rest of us do as we go through the learning process involved in intelligent investing. By understanding the implications of losing money, we can act in a way that reduces the chances of losing money and minimises the number of times we lose money.

At Active Investing, we believe the most important and most difficult share investment decisions are timing-related – when to buy and when to sell. These decisions determine whether or not we breach Warren Buffett’s rule of never losing money, and how much money we make. When, as is often the case, our decisions are driven by emotion rather than reason, following fear and greed easily results in unnecessary losses.

Buffett’s investment principles were built around simple concepts. One example is his experience early in his investing career of buying a stock he picked after careful analysis. Soon after buying the stock and it taking off in price, Buffett sold the stock at a modest profit. The shares then skyrocketed over three hundred percent in coming weeks. He never wanted to experience that feeling again. From that moment on he decided he would only buy stocks he wanted to own for life.

Gone are the days of forgetting about your investments.

Constant news, spiders crawling online news feeds, algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading can cause stocks to drop 20% very quickly. The good news is you have not made a loss at that point. Or putting it another way, you have only made a paper loss. You only make a financial loss when you sell the shares for less than you have paid.

In today’s stock market, one reality is clear. The days of buying shares, throwing them in the bottom draw, and forgetting about them are over. Those days ended with the GFC.  An active investment strategy is essential for anyone investing on the stock market today.

The main question then becomes – when do we buy, when do we sell, and when do we hold? Knowing the answer to these questions is the essence of making money on the stock market.

How much profit we can make depends on what shares we buy, and how well we time our buy and sell decisions.

So how can we help you succeed as an investor with Active Investing?



Bronze Pack


$299 per annum or

$29.99 a month 


Seleted rising stocks with total daily trading value greater than $60,000

Silver Pack

$499 per annum or

$49.99 a month

Rising stocks

Total daily trading value greater than $60,000

Removes stocks that have already risen significantly


Gold Pack

$1,499 per annum or

$149.99 a month

Rising stocks

Includes stocks with positive return on equity trading below book value

Total daily trading value greater than $100,000

Removes stocks that have already risen significantly

Includes trend analysis

Includes oversold stocks